Colonel Sir Percival Scrope Marling Bt, VC CB - 3rd Bn, King's Royal Rifle Corps

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SMALL WARS & CONFLICTS ( 1859-1898 ) - ( * = VC only )
Rank First Name Last Name Force
China ( 1860 )
Major General Robert Montresor ROGERS 44th Regiment ( Essex Regiment )
Umbeyla, North West India ( 1863 )
Colonel George Vincent FOSBERY * 4th Bengal ( European ) Regiment
New Zealand ( 1860-1866 )
Major General John Carstairs MCNEILL 107th Regiment ( Bengal Infantry )
Colonel Arthur Frederick PICKARD Royal Regiment of Artillery
Lieutenant Colonel Frederick Augustus SMITH 43rd Regiment ( Ox & Bucks Light Infantry )
Shimonoseki, Japan ( 1864 )
Midshipman Duncan Gordon BOYES Royal Navy
Dewan-Giri, Bhutan ( 1865 )
Captain James DUNDAS Bengal Engineers
Ashantee War ( 1874 )
Sergeant Samuel MCGAW * 42nd Regiment ( Black Watch )
Perak, Malaya ( 1875 )
General George CHANNER 1st Goorkha Regiment ( Bengal Staff Corps )
Rorke's Drift ( 1879 )
Colonel John Rouse CHARD Corps of Royal Engineers
Private Robert JONES 24th Regiment ( South Wales Borderers )
Afghanistan War ( 1878-1880 )
The Reverend James ADAMS Bengal Ecclesiastical Establishment
Gunner James COLLIS Royal Horse Artillery
Captain John COOK 5th Gurkha Regiment
Lieutenant Walter Richard HAMILTON Queen's Own Corps of Guides
Colonel Arthur George HAMMOND Queen's Own Corps of Guides, Indian Army
General Sir Reginald Clare HART Corps of Royal Engineers
1st Boer War, South Africa ( 1880-1881 )
Major Alan Richard HILL-WALKER 2nd Bn, Northamptonshire Regiment
Basuto War, South Africa ( 1881 )
Surgeon Major John Frederick MCCREA * 1st Cape Mounted Yeomanry
Egypt ( 1882-1889 )
Chief Gunner Israel HARDING Royal Navy ( HMS 'Alexandra' )
Chitral Fort, North West Frontier ( 1895 )
Surgeon Major Harry Frederick WHITCHURCH Bengal Medical Service, Indian Army
Mashonaland, Rhodesia ( 1896 )
Trooper Frank William BAXTER Grey's Scouts, Bulawayo Field Force, South African Forces
Sudan ( 1884 & 1898 )
Colonel Percival Scrope MARLING 3rd Bn, King's Royal Rifle Corps
Brigadier General Alexander Gore HORE-RUTHVEN 3rd Bn, Highland Light Infantry
Tirah Campaign, North West Frontier ( 1897 )
Lieutenant Hector Lachlan MACLEAN Queen's Own Corps of Guides Indian Army
Mohmand Campaign, North West Frontier ( 1897 )
Lieutenant Thomas WATSON Corps of Bengal Sappers & Miners, Indian Army
Crete ( 1898 )
Staff Surgeon William Job MAILLARD Royal Navy

2ND BOER WAR ( 1899-1902 )
Rank First Name Last Name Force
Private John BARRY 1st Bn, Royal Irish Regiment
Major Frederick BRADLEY 69th Bty, Royal Field Artillery
Sergeant John James CLEMENTS Damant's Horse ( Rimington's Guides )
Sergeant Albert Edward CURTIS 2nd Bn, East Surrey Regiment
Major Alexis Charles DOXAT 3rd Bn, Imperial Yeomanry
Lieutenant Colonel William ENGLISH 2nd Scottish Horse, South African Forces
Sergeant James FIRTH 1st Bn, Duke of Wellington's Regiment
Brigadier General Charles FITZCLARENCE Protectorate Regiment, South African Forces
Driver Horace Henry GLASOCK 'Q' Bty, Royal Horse Artillery
Lieutenant Colonel Frank Howard KIRBY Corps of Royal Engineers
Lieutenant Colonel Brian Turner LAWRENCE 17th Lancers ( Duke of Cambridge's Own )
Lieutenant Horace Robert MARTINEAU Protectorate Regiment, South African Forces
Brigadier General Francis Aylmer MAXWELL 18th Bengal Lancers ( Robert's Horse )
Trooper Horace Edward RAMSDEN Protectorate Regiment, South African Forces
Major General Hamilton Lyster REED Royal Field Artillery
Lieutenant Colonel Harry Norton SCHOFIELD Royal Field Artillery
Bugle Major John Francis SHAUL 1st Bn, Highland Light Infantry
Sergeant William TRAYNOR 2nd Bn, West Yorkshire Regiment
Lieutenant Alexander YOUNG Cape Mounted Police, South Africa Forces

Rank First Name Last Name Force
Boxer Rebellion, China ( 1900 )
Commander Basil John GUY Royal Navy ( HMS 'Barfleur' )
Somaliland ( 1903 )
Major George Murray ROLLAND 101st Bengal Grenadiers
Tibet ( 1904 )
Colonel John Duncan GRANT 1st Bn, 8th Gurkha Rifles


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22 December 2017