Captain Noel Chavasse VC & Bar, MC - Royal Army Medical Corps ( att'd King's ( Liverpool ) Regiment ( Liverpool Scottish )

1917 - ( 174 awards )

In the order in which the Victoria Cross was awarded
( P = Posthumous award ) ( KIA = Killed in action later ) ( DOM = Died other means )
( Australia ) - ( Canada ) - ( Indian Army ) - ( New Zealand ) - ( South Africa / Rhodesia )
Rank First Name Last Name Regiment
Sergeant Thomas MOTTERSHEAD ( P ) 20 Squadron, Royal Flying Corps
T / Lieutenant Colonel Edward HENDERSON ( P ) 7th Bn, North Staffordshire Regiment
att'd 9th Bn, Royal Warwickshire Regiment
T / Lieutenant Robin PHILLIPS 13th Bn, Royal Warwickshire Regiment
Sergeant Edward MOTT 1st Bn, Border Regiment
Captain Henry MURRAY 13th Bn, AIF
Sergeant Frederick BOOTH Rhodesia Native Regiment
Lance Sergeant Frederick PALMER 22nd Bn, Royal Fusiliers ( City of London Regiment )
Commander Gordon CAMPBELL Royal Navy ( HMS 'Q.5' - Mystery ship )
Sergeant Thomas STEELE 1st Bn, Seaforth Highlanders
Major George WHEELER 2nd Bn, 9th Gurkha Rifles
Private John READITT 6th Bn, South Lancashire Regiment
Private Jack WHITE 6th Bn, King's Own ( Royal Lancaster ) Regiment
Second Lieutenant George CATES 9th Bn, Royal Irish Fusiliers
Captain Oswald REID 1st Bn, King's ( Liverpool ) Regiment
T / Lieutenant Archibald SMITH ( P ) Royal Naval Reserve ( HMS 'Otaki' )
Private Christopher COX 7th Bn, Bedfordshire Regiment
Lieutenant Frank MCNAMARA 1 Squadron, Australian Flying Corps
Captain Percy CHERRY ( P ) 26th Bn, AIF
Lieutenant Frederick HARVEY Lord Strathcona's Horse, CEF
Private Joergan JENSEN 50th Bn, AIF
Major Frederick LUMSDEN ( KIA ) Royal Marine Artillery
Sergeant William GOSLING 3rd Wessex Bde, Royal Field Artillery
Captain James NEWLAND 12th Bn, AIF
Lance Corporal Thomas BRYAN 25th Bn, Northumberland Fusiliers
Sergeant Harry CATOR 7th Bn, East Surrey Regiment
Private Thomas KENNY 2nd Bn, AIF
Private William MILNE ( P ) 16th Bn ( Canadian Scottish ), CEF
Lance Sergeant Ellis SIFTON ( P ) 18th Bn ( Western Ontario ), CEF
Sergeant John WHITTLE 12th Bn, AIF
Captain Thain MACDOWELL 38th Bn ( Ottawa ), CEF
Private John PATTISON ( KIA ) 50th Bn ( Calgary ), CEF
Private Horace WALLER ( P ) 10th Bn, King's Own Yorkshire Light Infantry
Lieutenant Donald MACKINTOSH ( P ) 3rd Bn, Seaforth Highlanders
Lance Corporal Harold MUGFORD 8th Squadron, Machine Gun Corps
Corporal John CUNNINGHAM ( P ) 2nd Bn, Prince of Wales' Leinster Regiment
Sergeant John ORMSBY 2nd Bn, King's Own Yorkshire Light Infantry
Lieutenant Charles POPE ( P ) 11th Bn, AIF
Private Ernest SYKES 27th Bn, Northumberland Fusiliers
Private Charles MELVIN 2nd Bn, Black Watch ( Royal Highlanders )
Lieutenant Reginald GRAHAM 9th Bn, Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders
att'd 136th Coy, Machine Gun Corps
A / Captain Arthur HENDERSON ( P ) 4th Bn, Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders
A / Captain David HIRSCH ( P ) 4th Bn, Yorkshire Regiment
Corporal Edward FOSTER 13th Bn, East Surrey Regiment
T / Captain Albert BALL ( P ) 56 Squadron, Royal Flying Corps
Company Sergeant Major Edward BROOKS 4th Bn, Oxfordshire & Buckinghamshire Light Infantry
Second Lieutenant Reginald HAINE 1st Bn, Honourable Artillery Company
Second Lieutenant Alfred POLLARD 1st Bn, Honourable Artillery Company
Lance Corporal James WELCH 1st Bn, Royal Berkshire Regiment
A / Lieutenant William SANDERS ( KIA ) Royal Naval Reserve ( HMS 'Prize' )
Lieutenant Robert COMBE ( P ) 27th Bn ( City of Winnipeg ), CEF
T / Second Lieutenant John HARRISON ( P ) 11th Bn, East Yorkshire Regiment
Corporal George JARRATT ( P ) 8th Bn, Royal Fusiliers ( City of London Regiment )
Private Michael HEAVISIDE 15th Bn, Durham Light Infantry
Corporal George HOWELL 1st Bn, AIF
Private Tom DRESSER 7th Bn, Yorkshire Regiment
Lieutenant Rupert MOON 58th Bn, AIF
Chief Skipper Joseph WATT Royal Naval Reserve ( Drifter HMS 'Gowan Lea' )
Sergeant Albert WHITE ( P ) 2nd Bn, South Wales Borderers
Captain William BISHOP 60 Squadron, Royal Flying Corps
Second Lieutenant Thomas MAUFE 124th Siege Bty, Royal Garrison Artillery
Second Lieutenant John CRAIG 4th Bn, Royal Scots Fusiliers
Captain Robert GRIEVE 37th Bn, AIF
Lieutenant Ronald STUART Royal Naval Reserve ( HMS 'Pargust' )
Seaman William WILLIAMS Royal Naval Reserve ( HMS 'Pargust' )
Private John CARROLL 33rd Bn, AIF
Private William RATCLIFFE 2nd Bn, South Lancashire Regiment
Second Lieutenant John DUNVILLE ( P ) 1st Royal Dragoons
Second Lieutenant Frank WEARNE ( P ) 3rd Bn, Essex Regiment
Lance Corporal Samuel FRICKLETON 3rd Bn, 3rd New Zealand ( Rifle ) Brigade, NZEF
T / Second Lieutenant Frederick YOUENS ( P ) 13th Bn, Durham Light Infantry
Private Thomas BARRATT ( P ) 7th Bn, South Staffordshire Regiment

31 July 1917 The next 14 VCs were awarded on this date
Corporal Leslie ANDREW 2nd Bn, Wellington Infantry Regiment, NZEF
T / Lieutenant Colonel Bertram BEST-DUNKLEY ( P ) 5th Bn, Lancashire Fusiliers
Sergeant Robert BYE 1st Bn, Welsh Guards
T / Brigadier General Clifford COFFIN Corps of Royal Engineers
comd 25th Infantry Brigade
A / Captain Thomas COLYER-FERGUSSON ( P ) 2nd Bn, Northamptonshire Regiment
Corporal James DAVIES ( P ) 13th Bn, Royal Welch Fusiliers
Second Lieutenant Dennis HEWITT ( P ) 14th Bn, Hampshire Regiment
Lance Sergeant Tom MAYSON 4th Bn, King's Own ( Royal Lancaster ) Regiment
Private George MCINTOSH 6th Bn, Gordon Highlanders
Company Sergeant Major Ivor REES 11th Bn, South Wales Borderers
Private Thomas WHITHAM 1st Bn, Coldstream Guards
T / Captain Harold ACKROYD ( P ) Royal Army Medical Corps
A / Company Sergeant Major Alexander EDWARDS ( KIA ) 6th Bn, Seaforth Highlanders
Captain Noel CHAVASSE ( P ) Royal Army Medical Corps

Private William BUTLER 17th Bn, West Yorkshire Regiment
Lieutenant Charles BONNER Royal Naval Reserve ( HMS 'Dunraven' )
Petty Officer Ernest PITCHER Royal Navy ( HMS 'Dunraven' )
Private Arnold LOOSEMORE 8th Bn, Duke of Wellington's Regiment
Skipper Thomas CRISP ( P ) Royal Naval Reserve ( HM Armed Smack 'Nelson' )
Sergeant Frederick HOBSON ( P ) 20th Bn ( Central Ontario ), CEF
Private Michael O'ROURKE 7th Bn ( 1st British Columbia ), CEF
Private Harry BROWN ( P ) 10th Bn ( Canadians ), CEF
Sergeant Edward COOPER 12th Bn, King's Royal Rifle Corps
Private Wilfred EDWARDS 7th Bn, King's Own Yorkshire Light Infantry
A / Company Sergeant Major William GRIMBALDESTON 1st Bn, King's Own Scottish Borderers
A / Lance Corporal Frederick ROOM 2nd Bn, Royal Irish Regiment
A / Major Okill LEARMONTH ( P ) 2nd Bn ( Eastern Ontario Regiment ), CEF
A / Company Sergeant Major John SKINNER ( KIA ) 1st Bn, King's Own Scottish Borderers
Second Lieutenant Montague MOORE 15th Bn, Hampshire Regiment
T / Second Lieutenant Hardy PARSONS ( P ) 14th Bn, Gloucestershire Regiment
Company Sergeant Major Robert HANNA 29th Bn ( Vancouver ), CEF
A / Corporal Filip KONOWAL 47th Bn ( British Columbia ), CEF
Corporal Sidney DAY 11th Bn, Suffolk Regiment
Sergeant John CARMICHAEL 9th Bn, North Staffordshire Regiment
Lance Sergeant John MOYNEY 2nd Bn, Irish Guards
Private Thomas WOODCOCK ( KIA ) 2nd Bn, Irish Guards
Private Reginald INWOOD 10th Bn, AIF
Second Lieutenant Frederick BIRKS ( KIA ) 6th Bn, AIF
Sergeant William BURMAN 16th Bn, Rifle Brigade
Second Lieutenant Hugh COLVIN 9th Bn, Cheshire Regiment
Corporal Ernest EGERTON 16th Bn, Sherwood Foresters
Lance Corporal William HEWITT 2nd South African Infantry
Sergeant Alfred KNIGHT 8th ( City of London ) Bn, London Regiment
T / Captain Henry REYNOLDS 12th Bn, Royal Scots ( Lothian Regiment )
A / Lance Corporal John HAMILTON 9th Bn, Highland Light Infantry
Sergeant John DWYER 4th Coy, Machine Gun Corps, AIF
Private Patrick BUGDEN ( P ) 31st Bn, AIF
A / Captain Clement ROBERTSON ( P ) Queen's Royal Regiment ( West Surrey )
att'd 'A' Bn, Tank Corps
T / Lieutenant Colonel Philip BENT ( P ) comd 9th Bn, Leicestershire Regiment
Sergeant Charles COVERDALE 11th Bn, Manchester Regiment
A / Lieutenant Colonel Lewis EVANS Black Watch ( Royal Highlanders )
comd 1st Bn, Lincolnshire Regiment
A / Corporal Fred GREAVES 9th Bn, Sherwood Foresters
Private Arthur HUTT 7th Bn, Royal Warwickshire Regiment
A / Company Sergeant Major Lewis MCGEE ( KIA ) 40th Bn, AIF
A / Company Sergeant Major James OCKENDON 1st Bn, Royal Dublin Fusiliers
Lance Corporal Walter PEELER 3rd Pioneer Bn, AIF
Private Thomas SAGE 8th Bn, Somerset Light Infantry
Corporal William CLAMP ( P ) 6th Bn, Yorkshire Regiment
Private Frederick DANCOX ( KIA ) 4th Bn, Worcestershire Regiment
Sergeant Joseph LISTER 1st Bn, Lancashire Fusiliers
Sergeant John MOLYNEUX 2nd Bn, Royal Fusiliers ( City of London Regiment )
Lance Sergeant John RHODES ( KIA ) 3rd Bn, Grenadier Guards
Private Albert HALTON 1st Bn, King's Own ( Royal Lancaster ) Regiment
Captain Clarence JEFFRIES ( P ) 3rd Bn, AIF

26 October - 6 November 1917 Nine Canadian VCs awarded at Passchendaele
Private Thomas HOLMES 4th Canadian Mounted Rifles, CEF
Major Christopher O'KELLY 52nd Bn ( New Ontario ), CEF
Lieutenant Robert SHANKLAND 43rd Bn ( Cameron Highlanders of Canada ), CEF
Private Cecil KINROSS 49th Bn ( Edmonton Regiment ), CEF
Lieutenant Hugh MCKENZIE ( P ) 7th Coy, Machine Gun Corps, CEF
Sergeant George MULLIN Princess Patricia's Canadian Light Infantry, CEF
A / Major George PEARKES 5th Canadian Mounted Rifles CEF
Corporal Colin BARRON 3rd Bn ( Toronto Regiment ), CEF
Private James ROBERTSON ( P ) 27th Bn ( City of Winnipeg ), CEF

Major Alexander LAFONE ( P ) 1st County of London Yeomanry
A / Corporal John COLLINS 25th Bn, Royal Welch Fusiliers
Captain John RUSSELL ( P ) Royal Army Medical Corps
Lieutenant Colonel Arthur BORTON 22nd ( County of London ) Bn, London Regiment
Ordinary Seaman John CARLESS ( P ) Royal Navy ( HMS 'Caledon' )
Lance Corporal Robert MCBEATH 5th Bn, Seaforth Highlanders
Rifleman Albert SHEPHERD 12th Bn, King's Royal Rifle Corps
A / Lieutenant Colonel John SHERWOOD-KELLY Norfolk Regiment
comd 1st Bn, Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers
Sergeant Charles SPACKMAN 1st Bn, Border Regiment
Lieutenant Harcus STRACHAN 6th Bn ( Fort Garry Horse ), CEF
A / Captain Richard WAIN ( P ) 'A' Bn, Tank Corps
Sergeant John MCAULAY 1st Bn, Scots Guards
Private George CLARE ( P ) 5th ( Royal Irish ) Lancers
T / Lieutenant Colonel Neville ELLIOTT-COOPER ( P ) comd 8th Bn, Royal Fusiliers ( City of London Regiment )
T / Captain Robert GEE 2nd Bn, Royal Fusiliers ( City of London Regiment )
Sergeant Cyril GOURLEY 'D' Bty, Royal Field Artillery
A / Captain Walter STONE ( P ) 3rd Bn, ( att'd 17th Bn ) Royal Fusiliers
Lance Corporal John THOMAS 5th Bn, North Staffordshire Regiment
T / Lieutenant Samuel WALLACE 'C' Bty, Royal Field Artillery
A / Captain Allastair MCREADY-DIARMID ( P ) 17th Bn, Middlesex Regiment
Second Lieutenant Stanley BOUGHEY ( P ) 4th Bn, Royal Scots Fusiliers
Lance Daffadar
GOBIND SINGH 28th Light Cavalry, att'd 2nd Lancers
A / Captain George PATON ( P) 4th Bn, Grenadier Guards
A / Captain Arthur LASCELLES ( KIA ) 3rd Bn, Durham Light Infantry
Private Henry NICHOLAS ( KIA ) 1st Bn, Canterbury Infantry Regiment, NZEF
T / Second Lieutenant James EMERSON ( P ) 9th Bn, Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers
Corporal Charles TRAIN 14th ( County of London ) Bn, London Regiment
Private Walter MILLS ( P ) 10th Bn, Manchester Regiment
Lance Corporal John CHRISTIE 11th ( County of London ) Bn, London Regiment
Private James DUFFY 6th Bn, Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers



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