Subedar Khudadad Khan VC - 129th Duke of Connaught's Own Baluchis, Indian Army


Name ALI HAIDAR Henry John,
William St Lucien,
Sir Henry Marshman,
Rank Havildar (Sergeant) T / Captain Colonel Lieutenant General
Force 6th Royal Bn, ( Scinde ), 13th Frontier Force Rifles, Indian Army Indian Medical Service 28th Regiment, Bombay Native Infantry 10th Regiment ( Lincolnshire Regiment )
VC won Fusignano, Italy,
9 April 1945
Khajuri Post, Waziristan, NW India,
22 October 1919
Deh Khoja, Afghan War,
16 August 1880
Cawnpore, Indian Mutiny,
16 July 1857
London Gaz 3 July 1945 9 September 1920 7 October 1881 15 January 1858
Born Kohat, NW Frontier, India,
21 August 1913
23 March 1871
St Lucia, West Indies,
2 July 1856
Chinsurah, Bengal, India,
6 August 1830
Died 15 July 1999,
Village Khan Bari, District Hango, Pakistan
22 October 1919,
Waziristan, NW India
24 June 1908,
Quetta, North West India
30 December 1897,
Khyber Pass, N.W. India
Grave Village Shahu Khel, District Kohat Bannu Cemetery, South of Peshawar, Pakistan English Cemetery, Quetta Cemetery, Pakistan Harley Street Cemetery, Rawalpindi, Pakistan
of VC
Lord Ashcroft Gallery
Imperial War Museum, London
Lord Ashcroft Gallery
Imperial War Museum, London
Australian Army Museum of Western Australia, Fremantle Location unknown *
Remarks None MBE CB * VC & campaign medals are missing.


Name Eustace,
William David,
KHUDADAD KHAN Hector Lachlan Stewart,
Rank Captain Lieutenant Subedar Lieutenant
Force 51st Sikhs, Indian Army
( att'd North Waziristan Militia )
4th Bn, 39th Garhwal Rifles, Indian Army 129th Duke of Connaught's Own Baluchis Queen's Own Corps of Guides ( Cavalry )
VC won Spina Khaisora, India,
7 January 1915
Kot Kai, NW Frontier, India,
2 January 1920
Hollebeke, Belgium,
31 October 1914
Tirah Campaign, India,
17 August 1897
London Gaz 24 July 1915 9 September 1920 7 December 1914 Recommended on 9 November 1897
Confirmed by King Edward VII on 15 January 1907
Born Kidderminster, Worcestershire,
28 November 1883
Saintfield, Co Down, N Ireland,
1 February 1899
Dabb Village, Punjab, India,
26 October 1888
Bannu, NW Frontier, India,
13 September 1870
Died 7 January 1915,
North Waziristan
2 January 1920,
Kot Kai, NW Frontier, India
8 March 1971,
Rukhan Tehsil Village, Pakistan
17 August 1897,
Upper Swat, India
Grave Miranshar Cemetery, N Waziristan, Pakistan Jandola Cemetery, Pakistan Rukhan Village Cemetery, Pakistan Guides Cemetery, Mardan, NW Frontier, Pakistan
of VC
Bromsgrove School, Worcestershire Lord Ashcroft Gallery
Imperial War Museum, London
Lord Ashcroft Gallery
Imperial War Museum, London
Lord Ashcroft Gallery
Imperial War Museum, London
Remarks None None None None


Name Godfrey,
MIR DAST Henry William,
Rank Captain Subadar Captain Jemadar
Force 5th Bn, ( Queen Victoria's Own Corps of Guides ), 12th Frontier Force Regiment 55th Coke's Rifles,
att'd 57th Wilde's Rifles
1st Punjab Infantry, P.I.F. 89th Punjabis
VC won Mohmand Campaign, India,
29 September 1935
St Jean, Ypres, Belgium,
26 April 1915
Umbeyla, NW India,
30 October 1863
Beit-Ayeesa, Mesopotamia,
12 - 13 April 1916
London Gaz 24 December 1935 29 June 1915 16 July 1864 26 September 1916
Born Meynell Langley, Derbyshire, England,
20 May 1904
Maiden, Tirah, India,
3 December 1874
Bath, Somerset,
Takhti Basali Thesil, India,
1 July 1879
Died 29 September 1935,
Mohmand, NW Frontier, India
19 January 1945,
Shagi Landi Kyan Village, India
5 July 1875,
Dehra Ghazi Khan, India
28 July 1947,
Takhti Basali Thesil, Pakistan
Grave Guides Cemetery, Mardan, NW Frontier, Pakistan Warsack Road Cemetery, Shagi Landi Kyan, Pakistan Christian Cemetery, Kohat, Pakistan Takhti Village Cemetery, Pakistan
of VC
Not publicly held Not publicly held Jersey Museum, St Helier Lord Ashcroft Gallery
Imperial War Museum, London
Remarks None None None None


Name John Adam,
William John,

Rank Brigadier General Major General

Force 66th ( Goorkha ) Regiment, Bengal Native Infantry 5th Punjab Cavalry, P.F.F.

VC won Choorpoorah, Indian Mutiny,
10 February 1858
Asmai Heights, Afghanistan,
14 December 1879

London Gaz 23 August 1858 18 October 1881

Born Monghyr, Bengal, India,
29 October 1825
Perth, Scotland,
20 September 1845

Died 14 February 1880,
Thal, Kurram Valley, N.W.F. India
12 November 1902,
Lahore, India

Grave Christian Cemetery, Kohat, Pakistan Lahore Cemetery, Pakistan

of VC
Gurkha Museum, Winchester, Hampshire Not publicly held

Remarks CB CB

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