Colonel Patrick Porteous VC - Royal Artillery & No. 4 Commando

Unknown location of Second World War British Victoria Crosses ( 22 )
182 Victoria Crosss were awarded for the Second World War 1939 - 1945
( including one second award Bar, Charles Upham )

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Rank First Name Last Name Regiment
Royal Navy
Commander Donald CAMERON No history
Captain Edward FEGEN No history
Lieutenant Commander Gerard ROOPE No history
Petty Officer Alfred SEPHTON VC stolen from Coventry Cathedral in 1990
Rear Admiral Robert SHERBROOKE No history
Captain Richard STANNARD No history
Lieutenant Commander Malcolm WANKLYN No history
Captain Bernard WARBURTON-LEE No history

Army - Burma
Major Frank BLAKER No history
Lieutenant George KNOWLAND VC stolen from Spreadeagle Inn, London, in 1958
Lieutenant Claud RAYMOND VC believed to be held by the family
Army - Europe
Fusilier Dennis DONNINI VC believed to be held by the family
Lance Corporal Francis JEFFERSON VC stolen during a burglary in January 1982
Colonel Patrick PORTEOUS VC believed sold by the recipient
Major William SIDNEY VC believed to be held by the family
Private James STOKES VC sold by Sotheby's on 21 October 1982
Army - Tunisia
Captain Charles LYELL VC believed to be held by the family
Lieutenant Wilwood SANDYS-CLARKE VC believed to be held by the family

Royal Air Force
Flight Lieutenant John CRUICKSHANK VC held by the recipient
Sergeant Thomas GRAY No history
Wing Commander John NETTLETON No history
Squadron Leader Robert PALMER No history

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12 May 2015