Lieutenant Colonel Harcus Strachan VC MC - Fort Garry Horse, Canadian Expeditionary Force


Canadian War Museum

1 Vimy Place
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The following Victoria Crosses are held by the Canadian War Museum
Rank First Name Last Name Canadian War Museum
CRIMEAN WAR ( 1854-1856 )
Colonel Alexander Roberts DUNN 11th Hussars ( Prince Albert's Own )
( on loan from Upper Canada College, Toronto )
Lieutenant Colonel Campbell Mellis DOUGLAS 2nd Bn, 24th Regiment ( South Wales Borderers )
2ND BOER WAR ( 1899-1902 )
Major Hampden Zane COCKBURN Royal Canadian Dragoons
( on loan from Upper Canada College, Toronto )
FIRST WORLD WAR ( 1914-1918 )
Major Benjamin Handley GEARY 4th Bn, East Surrey Regiment
Co Sergeant Major Frederick HALL 8th Bn ( 90th Winnipeg Rifles ), CEF
Sergeant George Harry MULLIN Princess Patricia's Canadian Light Infantry, CEF
Major Christopher Patrick O'KELLY 52nd Bn ( New Ontario ), CEF
Major General The Hon George PEARKES 5th Bn, Canadian Mounted Rifles, CEF
Sergeant Thomas RICKETTS 1st Bn, Royal Newfoundland Regiment
Lieutenant Colonel Francis Alexander SCRIMGER 14th Bn ( Royal Montreal Regiment ), CEF
Lieutenant Colonel Robert SHANKLAND 43rd Bn ( Cameron Highlanders of Canada ), CEF
Co Sergeant Major Collin BARRON 3rd Bn ( 1st Central Ontario Regiment ), CEF
Private Harry BROWN 10th Bn ( Canadians ), CEF
Sergeant Hugh CAIRNS 46th Bn ( South Saskatchewan ), CEF
Corporal Lionel ( Leo ) CLARKE 2nd Bn ( Eastern Ontario Regiment ), CEF
Private John Bernard CROAK 13th Bn ( Royal Highlanders of Canada ), CEF
Corporal Herman GOOD 13th Bn ( Royal Highlanders of Canada ), CEF
Lieutenant Robert HANNA 29th Bn ( Vancouver ), CEF
Sergeant Frederick HOBSON 20th Bn ( Central Ontario ), CEF
Lieutenant Samuel Lewis HONEY 78th Bn ( Winnipeg Grenadiers ), CEF
Captain George Fraser KERR 3rd Bn ( Toronto Regiment ), CEF
Private John Chipman KERR 49th Bn ( Edmonton Regiment ), CEF
Corporal Filip KONOWAL 47th Bn ( British Columbia ), CEF
Lieutenant Colonel John MACGREGOR 2nd Bn, Canadian Mounted Rifles, CEF
Captain George Burdon MCKEAN 14th Bn ( Royal Montreal Regiment ), CEF
Lieutenant Hugh McDonald MCKENZIE 7th Coy, Canadian Machine Gun Corps, CEF
Sergeant William MERRIFIELD 4th Bn ( Central Ontario ), CEF
Private William Johnstone MILNE 16th Bn ( Canadian Scottish ), CEF
Lieutenant Colonel Cyrus Wesley PECK 16th Bn ( Canadian Scottish ), CEF
Captain Walter Leigh RAYFIELD 7th Bn ( 1st British Columbia ), CEF
Piper James Cleland RICHARDSON 16th Bn ( Canadian Scottish ), CEF
Lieutenant Colonel Harcus STRACHAN Fort Garry Horse, CEF
Private John Francis YOUNG 87th Bn ( Canadian Grenadier Guards ), CEF
Royal Flying Corps / Royal Air Force
Lieutenant Colonel William George BARKER 201 Squadron, Royal Air Force
Air Marshal William Avery BISHOP 60 Squadron, Royal Flying Corps
2nd Lieutenant Alan Arnett MCLEOD 2 Squadron, Royal Flying Corps
SECOND WORLD WAR ( 1939 - 1945 )
Lieutenant Colonel David CURRIE 29th Canadian Armoured recconnaissance Regiment
Lieutenant Colonel Charles Cecil MERRITT South Saskatchewan Regiment
Corporal Frederick George TOPHAM 1st Canadian Parachute Battalion
Hong Kong
Co Sergeant Major John Robert OSBORN 1st Bn, Winnipeg Grenadiers
Major John Keefer MAHONY Westminster Regiment ( Motor )

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