Captain of the Afterguard Thomas Pride VC - Royal Navy ( HMS 'Euryalas' )

National Maritime Museum

Romney Road
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The following Victoria Crosses are held by the National Maritime Museum
Rank First Name Last Name National Maritime Museum
Crimean War ( 1854-1856 )
Vice Admiral Sir William HEWETT Royal Navy ( Naval Brigade )
Rear Admiral Charles Davis LUCAS * Royal Navy ( HMS 'Hecla' )
Captain Sir William PEEL Royal Navy ( Naval Brigade )
Boatswain John SHEPPARD Royal Navy ( Naval Brigade )
Indian Mutiny ( 1857-1858 )
Boatswain Mate John HARRISON Royal Navy ( Naval Brigade )
Able Seaman Edward ROBINSON Royal Navy ( Naval Brigade )
Captain Thomas James YOUNG Royal Navy ( Naval Brigade )
Shimonoseki, Japan ( 1864 )
Captain of the
Thomas PRIDE Royal Navy ( HMS 'Euryalas' )
First World War ( 1914-1918 )
Captain Ronald Neil STUART Royal Naval Reserve ( HMS 'Pargust' )
Kronstadt Harbour, North Russia ( 1919 )
Rear Admiral Claude Congreve DOBSON Royal Navy ( Coastal Motor Boat No. 31 )
Second World War ( 1939-1945 )
Able Seaman William Alfred SAVAGE Royal Navy ( Raid on St Nazaire )

* = The reverse of the Charles Lucas Victoria Cross is not engraved and is believed not to be the original.
There is no record that this Victoria Cross was made by Hancocks.

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1 December 2010