7 May 2014

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Medal entitlement of Sergeant Stanley McDougall,
47th Bn, Australian Imperial Force

  • Victoria Cross
  • Military Medal ( MM )
  • British War Medal ( 1914-20 )
  • Victory Medal ( 1914-19 )
  • King George VI Coronation Medal ( 1937 )
  • Queen Elizabeth II Coronation Medal ( 1953 )

The Australian War Memorial in Canberra is pleased to announce that the Victoria Cross awarded to Sergeant Stanley McDougall, 47th Bn, AIF, has been reunited with his Military Medal, First World War campaign pair and the King George VI and Queen Elizabeth II coronation medals. The reunited and complete VC group has now been donated to the Australian War Memorial where it will go on display in the Hall of Valour.

For the award of the Victoria Cross

[ London Gazette, 3 May 1918 ], Dernancourt, France, 28 March 1918, Sergeant Stanley Robert McDougall, 47th Bn, Australian Imperial Force.

For most conspicuous bravery and devotion to duty ( Dernancourt, France ) when the enemy attacked our line and his first wave succeeded in gaining an entry.

Sergeant McDougall, who was at a post in a flank company, realised the situation, and at once charged the enemy’s second wave single-handed with rifle and bayonet, killing seven and capturing a machine gun which they had. This he turned on to them, firing from the hip, causing many casualties and routing that wave. He then turned his attention to those who had entered, until his ammunition ran out, all the time firing at close quarters, when he seized a bayonet and charged again, killing three men and an enemy officer, who was just about to kill one of our officers. He used a Lewis gun on the enemy, killing many and enabling us to capture thirty-three prisoners.

The prompt action of this non-commissioned officer saved the line and enabled the enemy’s advance to be stopped.

Stanley McDougall was invested with his Victoria Cross and Military Medal by King George V at Windsor Castle on the 19th August 1918.

For the award of the Military Medal

[ London Gazette, 16 July 1918 ], Dernancourt, France, 5 April 1918, Sergeant Stanley Robert McDougall, 47th Bn, Australian Imperial Force

For conspicuous gallantry and devotion to duty at Dernacourt on 5th April 1918 during a heavy enemy attack, he took a Lewis gun to a very exposed position where he could enfilade the enemy at close quarters up to 30 yards.

He manned his gun until it was pierced by a bullet, then crawled 300 yards, got another gun and returned to his post in no-man's-land where he was responsible for many dead. Later during our counter-attack he organised a platoon after the officer was killed and led them in the attack.

He is absolutely fearless and his contempt of danger is engaging as right throughout his conduct has been of a similar high standard.

Stanley McDougall died on the 7th July 1968 at Scotsdale, Tasmania. He was cremated at the Hobart Crematorium but the location of his ashes are presently unknown. It has been established that, despite the presence of a memorial bronze plaque to Stanley McDougall situated in Canberra's Norwood Crematorium, his ashes are not located there.


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Iain Stewart, 7 May 2014