20 December 2017

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Medal entitlement of Lieutenant Edward St John Daniel,
Royal Navy ( Naval Brigade )

  • Victoria Cross
  • India General Service Medal ( 1854-95 )
    • 1 clasp:
    • "Pegu"
  • Crimea Medal ( 1854-56 )
    • 2 clasps:
    • "Inkermann" - "Sebastopol"
  • ( Indian Mutiny Medal ( 1857-58 ) )
    • 2 clasps:
    • "Relief of Lucknow" - "Lucknow"
  • Order of the Medjidieh ( Turkey )
  • Knight, Legion of Honour ( France )
  • Turkish Crimea Medal ( 1855-56 )
  • Medal of Military Valour ( Sardinia )

The Lord Ashcroft VC Collection purchased the Victoria Cross, on its own, awarded to Lieutenant Edward Daniel, Royal Navy, at a Christie's auction in 1990.

The Edward Daniel 'India General Service Medal ( 1854-95 )' with the "Pegu" clasp, was sold at a Morton and Eden auction on 6th July 2017 and was purchased by the Lord Ashcroft VC Collection which was reunited with the Victoria Cross.

The remaining Edward Daniel medals, Crimea Medal; Order of the Medjidieh; Legion of Honour; Turkish Crimea Medal and the Medal of Military Valour, have recently been reuinited with Daniel's Victoria Cross and India General Service Medal. The Indian Mutiny Medal with its two clasps is still missing.

The almost complete Lieutenant Edward Daniel VC group will go on display in the Imperial War Museum's Lord Ashcroft Gallery.

For the award of the Victoria Cross

[ London Gazette, 24 February 1857 ], Inkermann & Sebastopol, Crimea, 5 November 1854 & 18 June 1855, Midshipman Edward St John Daniel, Royal Navy ( Naval Brigade ).

Sir Stephen Lushington recommends this Officer:

1st. For answering a call for volunteers to bring in powder to the Battery, from a waggon in a very exposed position under a destructive fire, a shot having disabled the horses. ( This was reported by Captain Peel, commanding the battery at the time ).

2nd. For accompanying Captain Peel at the Battle of Inkerman as Aide-de-camp.

3rd. For devotion to his leader, Captain Peel, on the 18th June 1855, in tying a tourniquet on his arm on the glacis of the Redan, whilst exposed to a very heavy fire.

( Despatch from Sir Stephen Lushington inclosed in a letter from Admiral Lord Lyons, 10th May 1855 ).

Edward St John Daniel was invested with his Victoria Cross by Captain Francis Marten, at Gyah, Bengal, India, on the 13th July 1858.

Edward St John Daniel was the first man to have his name erased from the Victoria Cross Roll on 4 September 1861 as a result of his desertion whilst under arrest for "taking indecent liberties" with four of the subordinate officers.

Edward St John Daniel was reported to have died on the 20th May 1868 in New Zealand's South Island and was buried in the Hokitika Municipal Cemetery, Westland. A memorial stone recognises Edward Daniel in the cemetery but is not located over his exact burial plot.


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Iain Stewart, 20 December 2017