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During the First World War 628 awards of the Victoria Cross were made.
Here is a list of those servicemen who received the award.
Latest 'News' on the award, sales, loans and donations of Victoria Crosses
( last updated: 18 August 2017 )
The Victoria Cross awarded to Lieutenant Colonel David Currie, South Alberta Regiment,
is to be sold at a Dix Noonan Webb auction in London, England.
The Victoria Cross awarded to Gunner James Park, Bengal Artillery,
is to be sold at a Dix Noonan Webb auction in London.
The Victoria Cross group awarded to Vice Admiral Gordon Campbell, Royal Navy,
Commander of 'Q' Mystery Ships, is to go on sale at a Morton and Eden auction in late Autumn.
A list of forthcoming and past sales of the Victoria Cross
( last updated: 18 August 2017 )
Location of Victoria Cross groups when held in the public domain, world-wide
Victoria Cross groups whose location is not known, world-wide
Location of Victoria Crosses ( only ) missing their Orders, decorations and campaign medals

A full list of Victoria Cross groups on display in the
Lord Ashcroft Gallery, Imperial War Museum, London
Recent acquisitions by Lord Ashcroft's Victoria Cross Collection.
( last updated: 30 June 2017 )

Displaying the burial location of Victoria Cross holders - World-Wide
The grave and headstone over the burial plot of Colour Sergeant Anthony Booth VC, 80th Regiment,
in St Michael's Churchyard, Brierley Hill, Staffordshire, has been badly vandalised.
Announcing the latest 'News' on the burials of Victoria Cross holders
( last updated: 21 August 2017 )
Listing those Victoria Cross graves that are unmarked
Announcing those VC holders still living
Announcing the deaths of VC holders since 1998
( last updated: 20 April 2011 )

Listing Victoria Crosses that have been stolen, destroyed or lost.
Honourable East India Company and Indian Army Victoria Cross holders
An attempt has been made to apply for an 'official' replacement Victoria Cross
on behalf of the descendants of Private James Osborne.
Important celebrations held for recipients of the Victoria Cross:
Investitures, Royal Garden Parties, Reunion Dinners, Anniversaries
The composition of the Victoria Cross
A description of how the Victoria Cross was instituted
A glossary of Orders, Decorations and Awards that can be found in VC groups
Recommended related books on the award of the Victoria Cross
( last updated: 20 May 2017 )
Dawlish and Teignmouth ( Devon ) born holders of the Victoria Cross
Images of Dawlish and the Railway
Links to other Victoria Cross related websites

Included in this website on the Victoria Cross you will find an index of individual VC holder's names and a list ( by County & Country ) of the location of graves of VC holders in the United Kingdom, Ireland, and the rest of the world. Also displayed in this website is the location of all VCs when held by public bodies, world-wide. Accompanying this is a webpage announcing details of recent sales of Victoria Crosses.

Following up the above specialisation is a 'News' webpage announcing recent events, ceremonies, auctions and upcoming VC projects. As an added bonus there is displayed, lists of Victoria Cross attendees at various important gatherings of VC recipients, such as the 1929 VC Reunion Dinner hosted by The Prince of Wales.

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