Lieutenant William David Kenny VC - 4th Bn, 39th Garhwal Rifles, Indian Army


"For Valour: Australians Awarded the Victoria Cross"
by Aaron Pegram and Craig Blanch

Available through:

"The Life and Legacy of Lieutenant Colonel Tom Adlam VC"
by Clive Adlam ( Son )

Available through:

"Victoria Cross Bibliography - Second Edition"
by John Mulholland & Alan Jordan

Spink and Son Ltd, London, 2019, ISBN 1-902040-21 X
Available through

"The Birmingham VCs - Ten Heroes - One City at War"
by Richard Boot OBE DL

Avaialble through the website:

"The Life and Times of Rear Admiral Eric Robinson VC OBE"
by Carl Clayton

Published by the author © Carl Clayton 2015. Revised 2017
Avaialble direct from the author Email:

"Victoria Cross Heroes - Volume II"
by Michael Ashcroft

Published by Biteback, 8 November 2016

"The Great War 1914 - 1918, Victoria Cross Freemasons"
by Granville Angell
Published by the Masonic Publishing Company, Glasgow
Avaialble direct from the author Email:
ISBN 978 0 956366 7 7

"Beyond the Legend - Bill Speakman VC"
by Derek Hunt & John Mulholland
Published by the History Press 2013
Avaialble from booksellers or Amazon
ISBN 978 0 7524 9430 2

"John Sims VC - From Bloomsbury to Sebastopol"
by Tony Sims ( )
Published by FastPrint of Peterborough
Avaialble from FastPrint or booksellers on Amazon
ISBN 978-178035-531-3

"Midget Submarine Commander"
"The Life of Godfrey Place VC"
by Paul Watkins ( )
Pen and Sword Books 12 November 2012
ISBN 978-1-848848-00-9

"Ten Brave Men and True"
The Victoria Cross holders from the Borough of Tunbridge Wells, Kent.

Charles Lucas, Matthew Dixon, William Temple, John Grant, Douglas Belcher
William Addison, Eric Dougall, William Clark-Kennedy, Lionel Queripel, John Brunt

by Richard Snow ( )
Menin House Publishers 2012
ISBN 978-1-908336-38-5

"Extraordinary Heroes"
Amazing Stories of Victoria Cross and George Cross Recipients
by Ruth Sheppard
Osprey Publishing 2010
ISBN 978 1 84908 389 8

"Awarded for Valour"
A History of the Victoria Cross and the Evolution of British Heroism
by Melvin Charles Smith
Palgrave Macmillan 2008
ISBN-13: 978-0-230-54705-6 ISBN-10: 0-230-54705-2

"Valiant Hearts"
Five Uppingham School Old Boys awarded the Victoria Cross
by Mike Garrs
John Collings-Wells, Arthur Lascelles, George Maling, Thomas Maufe, Wilwood Clarke
sale proceeds to the Royal British Legion and the Uppingham Society
available via:

"Donald Dean VC"
The Memoirs of a Volunteer & Territorial from Two World Wars
Edited by Terry Crowdy

published by Pen & Sword Books Ltd.
ISBN 978 184 884 158 1
available via: or telephone: 01634 314 140

"Bonner VC. The Biography of Gus Bonner: VC and Master Mariner"
by Susan Satterthwaite

available from

"Heart of a Dragon"
the VCs of Wales and the Welsh Regiments 1914-1982 Volume 2

"Heart of a Dragon"
the VCs of Wales and the Welsh Regiments 1854-1902 Volume 1
by Alister Williams

Bridge Books, published on 1 November 2008 & 23 October 2006 respectively
available from Bridge Books, 61 Park Avenue, Wrexham, LL12 7AW

"Liverpool VCs"
by James Murphy

Published by Pen & Sword Books, 2008, ISBN 978-1-84415-780-8
The story of 23 men of Liverpool who earned the Victoria Cross

"Indian Mutiny & Beyond - the Letters of Robert Shebbeare VC"
Edited by Arthur Littlewood

Published by Pen & Sword Books, 2007, ISBN 1-844155-74-9

"Nine Valiant Academicals"
Edinburgh Academical holders of the Victoria Cross
by Alasdair Macintyre

Published by Alan Fyfe on behalf of the Edinburgh Academical Club 2007
Available from the: Edinburgh Academical Club,
the Edinburgh Academy, 42 Henderson Row, Edinburgh, EH3 5BL

"A Party Fit For Heroes"
His Majesty's Garden Party for recipients of the Victoria Cross - 26th June 1920
by Derek Hunt & John Mulholland

The Naval & Military Press Ltd, 2007, ISBN 1-847347-12-6
Available through

"British Battles and Medals" - 7th Edition.
by John Hayward, Diana Birch & Richard Bishop

Published by Spink & Son, London, ISBN 1-902040-77-5

"Victoria Cross Heroes - Volume I"
by Michael Ashcroft

Published by Headline Review, 6 November 2006, ISBN 0 7553 1632 0

"Valour & Gallantry"
HEIC & Indian Army Victoria Crosses & George Crosses 1856-1946
by Chris Kempton

Military Press, 2001, ISBN 0-85420-281-1

"Bravest of the Brave"
The Story of the Victoria Cross
by John Glanfield

Sutton Publishing, 2005, ISBN 0-7509-3695-9

"Victoria Cross - Australia's Finest and the Battles They Fought"
by Anthony Staunton

Hardie Grant Books, Prahan, Victoria, 2005

"The Singular Journey of O'Hea's Cross"
by Elizabeth Reid

Leamcon Press, Yale, British Columbia, 2005, ISBN 0 9738741 0 4
( The story of Private Timothy O'Hea's Victoria Cross )

"Sharpshooter in the Crimea"
by Michael Springman

Pen & Sword, 2005, ISBN 1 88415 237 5
( from a series of letters written by Major Gerald Goodlake VC )

"Symbol of Courage"
"A History of the Victoria Cross"
by Max Arthur

Sidgwick & Jackson, 2004, ISBN 0 283 07351 9

"For Valour - Victoria Cross and Medal of Honor Battles"
by Bryan Perrett

Weidenfeld & Nicolson, 2003, ISBN 0 297 84662 0

"Monuments to Courage"
"Victoria Cross Headstones & Memorials" ( Vol I & II )
by David Harvey

Published on behalf of the author by Kevin & Kay Patience - 1999

"The Sapper VCs"
by Gerald Napier

The Stationary Office, 1998, ISBN 0 11 772835 7

"The Evolution of the Victoria Cross"
by M. J. Crook

Midas Books, 1975, ISBN 0 85936 041 5

"VCs of the First World War" (a series)
by Gerald Gliddon

Sutton Publishing Limited
During the First World War 628 men were awarded the Victoria Cross and have
been written about in the thirteen books in the 'VCs of the First World War' series.
1. 1914
2. The Somme 1916
3. Arras & Messines 1917
4. Cambrai 1917
5. Spring Offensive 1918
6. The Road to Victory 1918
7. The Final Days 1918
8. The Sideshows

"VCs of the First World War" (a series)
by Stephen Snelling

Sutton Publishing Limited
9. Gallipoli 1915
10. Passchendaele 1917
11. The Naval VCs

"VCs of the First World War" (a series)
by Peter G Cooksley

Sutton Publishing Limited
12. The Air VCs

"VCs of the First World War" (a series)
by Peter F Batchelor & Christopher Matson

Sutton Publishing Limited
13. The Western Front 1915

"British VCs of World War 2 - A Study in Heroism"
by John Laffin

Sutton Publishing Limited, 1997, ISBN 0 7509 1026 7

"Courage Remembered"
by Major Edwin Gibson MBE & G. Kingsley Ward

The story behind the construction and maintenance of the Commonwealth's
Military Cemeteries and Memorials of the Wars of 1914-1918 and 1939-1945
Her Majesty's Stationary Office, 1989, ISBN 0 11 772608 7

"Covenant with Death"
by John Harris (a novel)

Arrow Books, 1975, ISBN 0 09 910690 6

"The Middle Parts of Fortune" ("Her Privates We")
by Frederic Manning (a novel)

Buchan & Enright Publishers, London, 1929, ISBN 0 907675 55 7

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